"When The Organic Architecture + Design Archives, Inc. had the idea to replicate Frank Lloyd Wright's iconic 1940 Call Building model and return it back to Taliesin, Stafford Norris III was the only craftsman considered to take on such a challenging project. His commitment to both fidelity of idea and uncompromised execution of design are second to none. His talent and skill are easily seen by anyone witnessing his work. Thanks to Stafford, Wright's Call Building model is home once again at Taliesin to the delight and wonder of all who see it."

- Eric O’Malley, Co-founder Organic Architecture + Design Archives, Inc.

“We owe the success of the Willey House restoration to Stafford, but it is now obvious to us in hindsight, that it simply would not have been possible to accomplish our goals, without his knowledge, skills, partnership and devotion. Stafford is a brilliant problem solver, and simply a master at his craft. We could not recommend him more highly.”

- Steve Sikora and Lynette Erickson-Sikora, owners of the Willey House

“Stafford Norris III has a passion for all things associated with Frank Lloyd Wright. He previously spearheaded the amazing restoration of Wright's important Willey House in Minneapolis. We bought a Frank Lloyd Wright home which had been completely gutted after a terrible flood in 2008. Our goal was to restore the home as closely as possible to how it was upon completion in 1951. After much research, we decided that Stafford would be the only craftsman right for the job. Fortunately, he was available and willing to help with the restoration. Stafford was consulted whenever we had a difficult decision to make. He has a great deal of experience with every facet of a delicate restoration, he has unparalleled personal integrity, and he has the skill to precisely create exactly what you need. The scope of his abilities allows him to meet your needs, from building the perfect single cabinet all the way to an entire home restoration. We are immensely grateful for Stafford Norris III.”

- Paul and Jeanette Griffin

“What separates Stafford’s approach from those of many others who ventured down the same path, is his absolute attention to detail and refusal to cut corners or compromise needlessly. Good enough is never good enough for Stafford. In my role as a board member and president of the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy, I have visited scores of “restored” Wright houses nationwide. None exceed the Willey House in terms of meticulous historical research, exacting standards and integrity of craftsmanship.”

- Jane King Hession, author and architectural historian

"It takes a craftsman extremely detailed and skilled, with flexibility to interpret surviving evidence, conferring along the way with the client, to produce the best possible solutions for each piece. Having seen firsthand the reproduction furniture that Mr. Norris has produced for the Malcolm Willey House during its restoration, I would like to recommend him strongly. Mr. Norris served as the primary contractor for the home’s restoration. In this role, he exhibited both in process and in final product, an exacting quality of work on the exterior and interior elements as well as the furniture. The kitchen restoration is particularly impressive. As exhibited in the Willey House, Mr. Norris is a craftsman who is keen to work as closely as possible with historical and physical evidence, paying attention to accuracy in materials, processes, and finishes.

Having been so intimately involved with one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s pivotal homes, Mr. Norris has exceptional firsthand experience with Wright’s philosophy as played out in built form. This includes an understanding of Wright’s unified design concepts and the specialized craftsmanship crucial in realizing these designs."  

- Jennifer Komar Olivarez, Head of Exhibition Planning and Strategy, The Minneapolis Institute of Arts

"I first contacted Stafford for some John Howe furniture I was interested in having built. I felt his affinity for Frank Lloyd Wright furniture and design would be helpful and a good starting point. After some discussion I decided to use him, I was not disappointed. Good solid construction, exquisite workmanship and attention to detail. The furniture should last a long time. His knowledge, helpfulness and friendly demeanor makes me think I've found myself a furniture maker for life."

- A long time John Howe client and homeowner

"My wife, Irmi, and I purchased the Frank Lloyd Wright Lamberson house in 2008. Though the bones of the house were in remarkable condition, many of the details had been removed or compromised. We needed someone to help us with the restoration, in addition to fabricating unbuilt and missing furniture that was designed by Wright specifically for the Lambersons. It was especially difficult since we were still living in California at the time, and the house is located in a small town in Iowa. Through our research we found that Stafford had done the stellar restoration of the iconic Willey house in Minneapolis, and after looking at numerous photographs and talking with him on the phone about our project, it became clear he was the right person for the job. What we soon discovered was that Stafford was only interested in the project if we proceeded carefully without compromising, and that suited us fine. We knew we wanted to do a rigorous restoration, not just an "update" or "renovation".

Stafford helped us research sourcing old growth redwood and redwood veneer which took us quite some time to find, but was well worth the wait. He then glued up the veneer to make the plywood necessary for much of the furniture, and patiently waited to make sure the solid wood was thoroughly dry before proceeding. In addition, he guided us through other aspects of the restoration including fabricating a fireplace grate, removing added brick from the fireplace, restoring the entire kitchen and bathroom, helping us lay out the original gravel drive design, and too many other things to even mention here. The furniture is faithful to the original drawings, and solid as a rock. His craftsmanship is impeccable, and his ability to visualize complex constructions often without any drawings, is truly remarkable.

He also has a great sense of humor, which comes in handy when one is immersed in something so nerve wracking as restoring a work of art by the most important American architect of the 19th and 20th century.

We can't recommend him enough, for any aspect of cabinetry, construction or fabrication!"

- Peter Maunu and Irmi Maunu Kocian

"Becoming familiar with Stafford's furniture a number of years ago,  I was always impressed with the exceptional quality of his work. After fulfilling the dream of designing my own home, I needed to find a true artisan and craftsman that could take my ideas and turn them into reality. After reviewing the project together, I was thrilled that Stafford took an interest in the home. He patiently worked with me as I generated designs for both built-in and stand alone furniture. From concept to design to execution, Stafford has been a great sounding board throughout the creative process. His experience, knowledge and attention to detail all contribute to the end result, which is second to none. He is friendly, flexible, caring and honest.  I couldn¹t be happier with quality of his work and the house is all the better for it."

Private homeowner